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Ways You Can Find a Trustworthy Contractor

Home improvement is a tricky business, especially when working with contractors. While the good ones can make your home a truly beautiful place to live, the not-so-good ones can cause weeks of headaches during installation and years of disappointment at the final product. If you’re going to embark on any major home improvement projects, the first and foremost step is to find a contractor you can trust. 

There are several ways you can vet your contractor, and we recommend all of them before hiring someone to do any job on your property: 

  • Ask your friends – If you have a friend whose home improvement work you like, ask them for referrals first. They can tell you both good and bad about the contractor they worked with, and steer you in the right direction.
  • Read online reviews – Studies show that consumers trust online reviews almost as much as testimonials from friends, and it comes as no surprise. Online reviews are one of the best ways to find local contractors that are trustworthy and do a good job. If the online reviews are overall positive, chances are you’ll have a good experience. 
  • Look for signs in your neighborhood – Oftentimes contractors will leave a sign in the yards of houses they’re working on to advertise their work. Take note of these signs as you’re driving through your neighborhood if you like the progress of other homes. 
  • Look at their website and social media – Most reputable contractors will have a website and some form of social media to show off their work. Here you can see some of the best of what they’ve accomplished, as well as learn about their team. If they don’t have any photos of their products online, they may not be proud of what they do. 

If you are looking for a reputable contractor with quality fence products and a service guarantee, talk to your FloriFence team today! We strive for excellence in everything we do and can help you make your fencing dreams a reality. 

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