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Ways to Make Your Backyard Attractive to Wildlife

Now is the time to begin planning your summer garden! While the cold days may have you feeling like summer is a long ways off, in just a few months you’ll be able to start planting your favorite flowers and fruits. And, this year, why not make your backyard a place where the family can get up close and personal with some native Florida wildlife? 

Florida is home to thousands of native plant and animal species, many of which are harmless to your backyard. If you want to get the chance to be up close and personal with native birds butterflies, and other species, below are some tips to make your backyard wildlife-ready for springtime: 


  • Use birdfeeders to attract smaller birds to build nests and visit your home in the mornings
  • Plant native pollinating plants and species that will serve as food sources such as berry bushes and edible greens
  • Use bright floral colors to attract bees and butterflies more easily
  • Scatter nuts and corn seed to attract squirrels, chipmunks, and other cute rodents. 


  • Use food scraps from the kitchen as these might attract more aggressive and problematic animals such as raccoons or rats. 
  • Feed animals spicy peppers or other food items as these might cause health problems and deter them from the property. 
  • Leave your trashcan uncovered to attract animals, as bears and raccoons may be able to access them at night. 
  • Use excessive pesticides in the yard as these will deter animals and pollinators from visiting. 
  • Open your fence gate to let animals in. Instead, plant berry bushes and other edible foliage on the outside of the fence so you can view them safely from a distance and keep your yard secured. 

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