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Ways to Get Your Kids Active This Winter

During the holiday break, many kids will want to spend all of their time indoors watching TV and playing video games until school starts again. However, as parents you likely want them to keep up their activity levels outside of school. Not only does this help them burn off steam, but can help you keep the peace during Christmas and New Year’s. 

While Florida doesn’t have a dramatic change of season in the winter, it’s still cold enough to discourage some kids from playing outside. You can change that by planning one of these three winter activities for you all to enjoy as a family: 


Winter is the perfect season for Floridians to go hiking. It’s cold enough that you won’t sweat the whole time, and the change of seasons can bring about beautiful moments in nature you wouldn’t expect. Most Florida trails are kid-friendly since they are relatively flat, but be sure to check with your local state parks to find the best trails for youngsters. 

Help to decorate the house 

Kids love to help their parents, especially when it comes to Christmas fun. If they’re old enough, have them string lights on the fence and bushes or help steady the ladder while the adults string the taller lights. This is a great bonding experience and will help you get the Christmas decorating done in time. 

Playing with pets

Dogs in Florida love the wintertime because they can play all day outside and not get overheated. Unless your dog has an especially short coat, you can send them outside with the kids nearly all day to play fetch, go on walks, and enjoy the cool air. However, you need a fenced-in yard to ensure your children and pets are safe for unsupervised playtime. 

For kids to enjoy their backyards the most this summer, make sure to fence in your yard before winter break. This provides them with a safe and protected play area that they can enjoy for years to come. To learn more about fencing options for Florida homes, contact us today!

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