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Ways to Enjoy Your Backyard in Winter

As Floridians, we experience relatively mild winters most years. However, because of that, most of us are not built for the cold! If you’re longing for days in the sun this winter, consider one of these four fun backyard activities that will keep you warm and energized. 

Enjoy an evening by the fire

Luckily for us, Florida rarely gets snow in the wintertime. However, it is cold enough for most of us to enjoy an evening by the firepit roasting marshmallows and watching the flames flicker late into the night. If you don’t have a fire pit, you can typically find one at your local home improvement store for a few hundred dollars or less. 

Have hot cocoa or coffee on the back porch

If you enjoy the colder winter months in Florida, why not bundle up and enjoy your morning coffee or evening hot cocoa outside? Most Florida winters are relatively mild and provide a nice break from the blistering sun for locals. With a warm blanket and hot drink, you can enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze from your back porch any day. 

Bring nature closer with bird feeders

During January and February, you may not want to spend as much time outside as you do in December. In order to enjoy nature while staying warm inside, add a bird feeder to your backyard to encourage animals to come close to your windows. 

Play with the dogs outside. 

Many dogs, especially those with thicker coats, become more playful in the wintertime because they don’t become overheated in the hot sun anymore. Bundle up and take advantage of the cold weather by playing fetch in the backyard. If your yard is fenced-in, you can enjoy hours of safe playtime outside in the winter, as opposed to the summer which can pose dangers for your pets. 

To give your backyard better privacy and create a safe place to play, consider fencing your property this winter. FloriFence offers unbeatable prices and a one-year service guarantee to ensure you get the best deals in the Tampa area. To learn more, call or email our office today.

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