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Waterproofing For Different Types of Fencing

In Florida, water resistance is key for a good fence design. Whether you’re near the waterfront or want to protect your fence from the rainy months, it is wise to start thinking about waterproofing from the initial installation. Luckily, FloriFence has waterproofing options for every type of fencing we provide. Below are some of the things you can do to waterproof or care for your fencing in the rain or by the coast:

Aluminum Fencing – Water-resistant

Aluminum fencing is often chosen over wrought iron because of its ease of maintenance. Though both fencing materials have a similar style, aluminum won’t rust in the rain or need monthly maintenance to keep it protected. While rain can cause algae to grow and hinges to get stuck over time, with regular cleaning and lubrication your aluminum will stand up to most rain and weather conditions. 

Vinyl – Waterproof

Vinyl is our best option for waterproof fencing. The plastic won’t rot, rust, or degrade over time like other fencing materials. And, because it is so slick, any algae or growth that occurs is easy to remove. The primary objection to vinyl fencing is its price point. However, we believe that the lifelong value it provides is well worth the upfront costs. 

Chain link – water resistant

Chain link fencing is typically considered water resistant because it won’t rot over time. While most galvanized chain link won’t rust either, it can start to look weathered due to Florida’s harsh summer storms. If you want to keep your chain link looking fresh, we recommend painting it. This makes it easy to hide signs of wear and tear and protect it from water as well. 

Wood – Needs protective coating

Wood fencing is the least water-resistant option we have, but we believe that nobody should have to settle for less. If you love the natural look of wood, we recommend staining it to prevent water damage. While wood stains are not a foolproof solution, they help preserve the wood and can add five to ten years to their service life. 

Waterproofing is simple with FloriFence by your side. We provide plenty of options for your fencing to look beautiful and last a lifetime. To learn more, contact us today!

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