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Waterfront Backyard Designs for Summer 2022

Waterfront property is often coveted in Florida for its unparalleled beauty and stable value regardless of wavering economic factors. And lucky, in the Tampa area, we have plenty of it. While a waterfront property will be beautiful regardless of what you do to your home, by investing in your backyard, you can transform it into a true tropical oasis. 

Below are just a few tips to make your waterfront property even more beautiful this summer: 

Waterfront firepits

While you may not get much use out of the firepit in the summertime, it is the perfect installment for year-round entertainment. Investing in luxury patio furniture such as an outdoor couch and a few sun chairs can make your firepit the perfect gathering spot regardless of the temperature outside. Placing one on or near your dock can make the fire pit a perfect grilling and gathering spot after a day on the water. 

Outdoor mini-bar

A minibar is surprisingly easy to design, and will make your waterfront backyard the go-to spot for summer house parties and get-togethers. With a small island, an outdoor grill, and a mini cooler for drinks, you can create a fun space for entertainment, or simply to enjoy watching the sun go down. 

Waterfront fencing options

Fencing is becoming more and more popular for waterfront properties as options expand. You don’t have to settle for a generic picket fence or sacrifice your view to create a safe, closed-in space for children and pets. Aluminum and vinyl fencing are ideal because they are water-resistant and can be styled in ways that don’t obstruct your waterfront view. They also work well for fencing on the boundary lines of your property to keep your property secure without getting in the way of waterfront access. 

FloriFence offers beautiful waterfront fencing options for all home styles and needs. If you’re interested in options best suited for coastal homes, contact FloriFence today!

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