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Using Fencing as a Partial Barrier in Your Backyard

Fences are useful tools to create privacy security and safety for your backyard space. However, installing an entire perimeter fence can be difficult for some homeowners. Perhaps you have a lot of natural foliage you don’t want to lose in order to install your fence. Or, maybe spending thousands of dollars on a full perimeter fence just isn’t in your budget right now. 

If you’re looking to change up your backyard space without breaking the bank, consider adding a partial fence instead. Partial fence designs are divided into sectionals that can provide privacy, vertical space for gardens, and a bit of closure from the outside world. A partial fence provides flexibility for your backyard design so you can get the privacy you want without the expense or limitations of a full perimeter fence. 

Uses of Partial Fencing

You may be asking yourself, “Why would I build a fence if it doesn’t close in my entire yard?” While most fences are built with this purpose, there are many other uses for partial fencing than a practical barrier for your yard. You can use a partial fence to: 

  • Close in an existing barrier made by shrubs or other tall foliage
  • Provide vertical space for container gardens and other backyard items
  • Add an arbor or other decorative architectural element to your yard
  • Create privacy for pools or outdoor entertainment areas
  • Create a retaining wall for backyard spaces

Ways to Create A Partial Fence Barrier

Partial fences can be designed with wood, metal, or vinyl panels and are installed very similarly to traditional fencing. However, because they do not connect all the way around, a partial fence requires a more sturdy anchor in order to ensure it stays upright. Partial fencing can be built taller than traditional fencing in some cases or can be bordered with shrubs to create a more solid privacy line. 

Partial fencing is most useful for homeowners who want a unique design to their fencing without spending thousands of dollars on a full privacy fence. If you are interested in seeing this fence style in a real backyard setting, visit our Facebook page or contact us to see examples of previous partial fence work.

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