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Unique Ways To Decorate Your Arbor or Pergola

Arbors and pergolas are ideal additions to any Florida landscaping. Because we are blessed with warm weather year-round, there is no reason to not invest in your backyard and make it part of your main home living space. Arbors and pergolas can add shade, provide entertainment space, and add to the beauty of your scenery for very little cost. And, if you want to decorate them, you can do so with one of these four easy-to-implement ideas: 

Climbing vines

Florida is an ideal area to grow a variety of climbing vines, from honeysuckle to jasmine and even climbing roses. These beautiful and aromatic plants will immediately enhance your backyard ambiance, and are relatively easy to care for. 

Cafe lighting

Nothing makes a backyard feel more magical than twinkling cafe lights in the trees and around your arbor. These are simple to wrap around any structure and are often solar powered so you don’t even need to plug them in. Look online or at your local home improvement store for cafe lights to wrap around arbors, pergolas, swingsets, and more. 

Outdoor curtains 

Outdoor curtains can be added to your arbor or pergola to create a unique backdrop, or to provide an indoor-outdoor experience in the summer when mosquitoes can be pesky. The curtains can keep pests out and add privacy to your entertainment area for minimal cost. They can also work as the perfect backdrop for backyard photos or get-togethers. 

Hanging planters

Planters can also be hung from the top and sides of your arbor or pergola to add pops of color to your entertainment space. Choose low-maintenance flowers or succulents to ensure they look great all year round. 

In addition to your hardscape, you can adorn your fencing with these same elements. To get more decorative ideas for your backyard, visit our blog!

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