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Types of Construction Jobs for High School Graduates

High school seniors face a lot of pressure to figure out what they want to do with their careers. Even though most high schoolers have very little job experience, they are often encouraged by parents and teachers to choose a college major or trade job early to help prepare them for the job market. However, this is not the only option for those who are unsure of what they want to do or where they want to go with their careers. 

If you or your child is uncertain about what path to take after high school, don’t rule out our trade school and apprenticeship programs just yet. These jobs can offer you a shorter educational period, lower tuition, and high-paying jobs in incredibly rewarding fields. Below are some of the job construction and trade jobs that may be appealing to high school seniors looking for an alternate path to college: 

  • Plumber – Plumbers are in high demand, especially as more and more young adults choose college over trade jobs. Plumbers make a good living and require a shorter educational period, typically bolstered by an apprenticeship. However, their salaries are expected to rise as the plumbing industry loses more qualified workers. 
  • Electrician – Electricians, like plumbers, are in high demand because of a slowly retiring workforce. While electrical work is considered one of the more dangerous trades, these skilled workers can make a very good living with a trade school degree. 
  • Welder – Welders go through an apprenticeship and journeyman program, where they learn all the tools of the trade in commercial work. This career can open up hundreds of different opportunities and is a great option for seniors looking to enter the job market soon. 
  • Roofer – Roofing is a very rewarding and lucrative career that doesn’t require an education to get started. However, roofers need to be highly skilled, as it is one of the more dangerous trades to enter. 
  • Professional painter – Residential and commercial painting is a great place to start in the construction industry. This job doesn’t require formal education and can lead to other general contractor or handyman work if you put in the effort to succeed. 
  • Carpenter – Carpentry and woodworking are great beginner careers for those in construction. This skill has a variety f applications, from interior design to fence installation and everything in between. 

If you are looking for a place to start in construction, talk to us about available jobs at FloriFence! We are always looking for enthusiastic and hardworking individuals to join our installation teams. 

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