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Top Tips for Proper Fence Etiquette

Installing a new fence can be an exciting home improvement project to take on. But, just as with any other home renovation, there are certain rules to follow and etiquette to respect before you begin. We recommend you follow these steps before beginning your fencing project to ensure you don’t upset neighbors or break local codes: 

Double-check your property boundaries. 

It is not just a neighborly courtesy, but the law that you do not build fencing even an inch over your property line. Doing so would infringe on your neighbor’s property rights and can get you into legal trouble even if they don’t notice. Be thorough and talk to your FloriFence contractor to ensure you’re installing your fence on your own property only. 

Talk to your neighbors first. 

While your neighbor can’t say no to you putting up a fence, they will be much less inclined to complain if you have a conversation about it first. Plus, if they were also considering fencing between your property line, you may be able to collaborate and share the costs of fencing that shares a border. 

Check-in with your HOA for fence requirements

HOAs often have certain rules about what kinds of fencing is allowed in a community. You may have to follow certain height, material, or color requirements to be in compliance, so check with the office first before hiring your contractor. This will save a lot of time and hassle and show that you’re a considerate member of the community. 

Have the posts face the road and neighbors.

While this is not required, typically the more uniform side without the fence posts will face the neighbors and the street rather than your backyard. This will make the fence more attractive to those who didn’t install it while providing you with practical benefits as well as enhanced curb appeal. 

Maintenance needs

Finally, after your fence is installed, it’s important to maintain both sides of it, not just the one you see from your backyard. This will make the fencing more attractive to neighbors and ensure you are in good favor with your HOA. Schedule regular cleaning services and fix broken panels when necessary to be courteous to everyone who shares a view of your fencing. 

At FloriFence we want you to have a beautiful fence that you can be proud to show off to neighbors. To learn more about your fencing options with us, contact the FloriFence office today!

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