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Top things to know before removing a fence

Are you tired of the fencing that’s currently on your property? Perhaps it hasn’t aged well or doesn’t mesh well with new home renovations. Or, maybe you need to remove it after significant damage. No matter what the reason, FloriFence is here to help you replace or remove your old fencing.

However, before you begin the removal process, there are some factors to consider. Below are the questions you’ll want to ask before removing your current fence:

What’s underneath your fencing?

Before you start removing your fence, you’ll want to locate the power and water lines that may be running under your property. You don’t want to tamper too much with the ground near these, or else you may hit one accidentally which can be dangerous. You’ll also want to find out if concrete underneath the ground is holding your fence in place. This can complicate the removal process, so you’ll want to know before you start knocking fence posts down.

Who’s responsible?

This is important if your fence will be near the boundary of your neighbor’s property. They may be using the boundary fence for privacy and may have even paid for a portion of the fencing. If this is the case, you cannot remove the fencing and replace it without their consultation. Working together with your neighbors, however, can help you both get a fair price and aesthetically pleasing fence in one project.

What are the local laws?

In many areas, you’ll need a permit before beginning any construction on your property, including removing or replacing an old fence. Fencing also has height and disposal restrictions depending on the location and zoning, so you should talk to your contractor to determine the regulations in your area.

What’s the best approach for removing an old fence?

The safest and simplest answer is to contact the FloriFence team to remove and replace your old fencing. Our licensed and insured professional contractors make the process so much easier. Plus, we can help you choose an even better fencing option for your home or business property.

To learn more about our fencing services, contact FloriFence today!

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