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Tips to Keep Rural Properties Private

If you live on a rural property, it’s not noisy neighbors or revving engines at night that cause issues for you as a homeowner. In most cases, security and privacy are an issue because it is easy for trespassers to go unnoticed and because you live miles away from any local first responders. Protecting several acres of land is much more difficult than protecting a single suburban home. You need every tool available in order to keep your property and family safe. 

If you’re looking for ways to secure your property for better privacy and protection, follow these four steps: 

Build a privacy fence around the home. 

The first step to any home security is to build a privacy fence around the perimeter of your home. You may not want a fence around the entire property if you own many acres, but a fence around the primary residence will keep your family safe. It can also provide a more private area for your pool or back porch. 

Add a locking gate to your fence. 

If you do build a fence around your home, it’s important to choose a locking gate to keep unwanted visitors out. A locking gate can also keep small children and house pets safe, as opposed to an open fence where anyone can go in and out. If you have a fence blocking the driveway, you may consider an automatic gate as well. 

Install security cameras on your fence and home. 

While a fence is a good deterrent to unwanted guests, someone intent on breaking into your property can get past it. Installing cameras to the fence as well as at higher points of your home will deter some intruders, and can help you catch the ones that pose a threat to your home. 

Add signage to alert trespassers. 

Sometimes, people trespass on large properties by accident. If your property is close to public lands such as hunting grounds or a campsite, you need to put up signage around the perimeter of your property to ensure it stays private. 

If you are looking for a secure privacy fence for your home, contact FloriFence today! We can help you design a fence that meets both your practical needs for a rural property and the style of your home. 

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