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Tips for Reinforcing a Sagging Fence

A sagging fence is an immediate eyesore for even the most beautiful and lush Florida homes. It makes your home look run down, unkempt, and an easy target for criminal activity. Plus, a sagging fence is a danger to children or pets playing outdoors. The good news is, if you are struggling with a sagging or leaning fence, you have a variety of options to remedy the situation. 

If only a gate or section of your fence is sagging, you can likely fix it with reinforcement. Below are the three steps you should take to fix your leaning fence. If these don’t work, you may want to call FloriFence for professional repair or replacement installation services. 

Step One: Determine the cause

You can’t fix your leaning fence if you don’t know what’s wrong with it. Perhaps a storm has caused the fence posts to uproot, or your hinges are getting older to where they cannot support a heavy gate any longer. Wood rot or other water damage can also damage the structural integrity of your fence. If the cause is obvious (such as an impact or wind damage to your fence), you can begin immediately with repairs. If not, talk to the FloriFence team for advice on repairs or professional service. 

Step Two: Add a reinforcing rail

Oftentimes a reinforcing rail is all that is needed to straighten a fence. By adding a rail to an area where wood rot or minor damage has occurred, your fence can remain strong and upright without the need to replace an entire section. However, this repair is easiest to DIY with a wooden fence. For vinyl or aluminum fencing, contact a professional. 

Step Three: Reinforce with gravel and concrete

Some fences, such as chain link, can be straightened with a concrete ground reinforcement instead of a sister rail. This can be done by digging around the problematic fence post, straightening it, and reinforcing it with gravel and fast-drying concrete. This can usually provide a permanent solution for a sagging fence, but if you’re not confident working with concrete, it’s best to call your FloriFence team for help. 

Reinforcing a sagging fence is a great alternative to replacing your newly installed fence. However, for major damages, contact FloriFence for professional options. 

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