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Tips for Recovering Your Yard From Winter

Florida winters are typically mild, but that doesn’t mean your lawn doesn’t go through changes during this season. We experience dry winters with unpredictable temperatures, which can be hard on the plants and grass in your backyard. If you are looking at dead patches of grass and sad garden beds right now, there are some ways to start preparing for spring. 

If you want to make your yard ready for spring this month follow these three tips: 

Aerate and remove thatch

Thatch is the layer of dead grass and debris that builds up over the winter when lawn maintenance is a lower priority. This layer prevents healthy grass from coming back in the spring. By raking through the decaying matter and aerating the soil, your lawn is primed for the next step – seeding. 


Once you’ve aerated the soil, your lawn is ready for new seeds. While you may think that this is only necessary for dry patches, you can overseed the entire area to ensure your grass comes back strong and healthy in the spring.  

Revive dead grass

This winter was especially cold for Florida, and many residents had to break out deicing salt and other lawn care items they hadn’t used before. If you aren’t experienced with the effects of ice on your lawn you may notice dead patches of grass where it used to be healthy. Luckily, these dead patches can either be replaced or revived with a soil conditioner such as granular gypsum and the overseeding process. 

One of the best ways to protect your lawn is investing in proper fencing to keep it safe. Though fencing can’t protect your grass from cold winters, it can protect it from animals and other unwanted guests as well as keep your family safe within the boundaries of your property. To learn more about fencing options for your home or business, contact FloriFence today. 

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