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Tips for Preventing Water Stains and Rot on Your New Fence

Wood fencing is still one of the most popular options for residential fences in Florida. However, this is also the most susceptible material to water stains and rot. Unlike vinyl or aluminum fencing that allows water to run off, wood will soak up water and eventually start to break down after several rainy Florida summers. In order to prevent this from prematurely retiring your fence, follow these four tips:

Choose a high-quality wood.

The first step to water damage prevention is choosing the right material. A high-quality cedar or pressure-treated pine will last longer than regular lumber and prevent bugs from eating away at wood rot if it occurs. 

Ensure the area is well-drained.

Florida homeowners will experience seasonal storms that can potentially flood your yard and cause water damage to any wooden material. If your fence is at a low spot in the yard, be sure to create some sort of drainage away from your property to ensure your fence doesn’t sit in water for too long. This is especially important for storm surges after hurricanes. 

Seal or stain your wood fence. 

A coat of paint, sealant or stain will do wonders for the longevity of your fence. Without this protective barrier, your wood is exposed to the elements and will undoubtedly develop water stains over time. However, a sealant that can be repainted every few years will help preserve the wood underneath and keep your wood fence looking new. 

Don’t leave water damage untreated. 

If you do notice water stains or rot forming on your fence, clean it immediately. This can help prevent the spread of water damage to entire areas of your fence, and make repairs easier in the future. If you cannot easily remove the stain or rotten area, call FloriFence for help. 
FloriFence wants to help you keep your fence looking great for decades to come. We recommend high-quality woods and staining products with every installation to ensure you get the most value for your dollar with us. To learn more about wood fence care, visit our resource center or call us for help!

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