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Tips for Preventing Fence Pest Damage 

Wooden fencing is incredibly popular for Florida homes. The natural appearance often adds to the coastal charm of the home, but wooden fencing comes with its own set of problems. Unlike other types of fencing, it is highly susceptible to pest damage. Even if you need a neat and tidy year, there is always the potential for termites, carpenter bees, beetles, and other destructive bugs to eat away at your beautiful new fencing. 

If you want to avoid this damage and keep your wooden fencing for decades, follow these steps:

Choose the right wood for pest-prone areas

Is your home or neighborhood already susceptible to pests? Perhaps you live near a wooded area or have a lush garden where bugs are a common problem near the home. If so, we recommend choosing cedar wood over other types of wood fencing. Cedar is an excellent pest deterrent, as the wood gives off certain chemicals that repel pests. Cedar is also a beautiful and long-lasting wood choice for fencing and other outdoor fixtures. 

Seal your fencing.

A wood sealant or paint can help detract bugs from trying to gnaw their way through your fencing. Some sealants are naturally pest-repelling, while others make it more difficult for the pests to get through the sealant and into the wood. A fence stain can also make your fencing more resilient to rain and water, which will help extend its service life. 

Look out for signs of wood rot. 

Many homeowners don’t think of wood rot as a pest, but it is actually caused by a fungus that grows once the wood has been water damaged for a long period of time. Wood rot and water damage will attract pests to your fencing, so it’s important to remove the damaged posts as soon as possible. 

Keep your lawn neat and tidy.

A lawn that is overgrown will provide the perfect habitat for pests. While you may enjoy the wildlife, tending to your landscaping and removing any unwanted pests will ensure your built environment doesn’t suffer. You can still enjoy the birds, butterflies, and other beautiful parts of nature while keeping pests at bay. 

Wood fence maintenance can be tricky, which is why FloriFence is here to help. To learn more about fencing maintenance and care, contact our offices today.

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