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Tips for Measuring For Your New Fence

If you’re in the process of improving your curb appeal, the installation of a new fence is a must. Adding a new fence secures your property, improves its aesthetic appeal, and makes your property more private from the neighborhood and surrounding areas. However, the process of installing a new fence must first start with a lengthy planning process. 

One of the most important factors to determining the price and style of your fence is measurement, While a FloriFence contractor will visit your property for a professional measurement and estimate, you can get the process started by following these four steps: 

Confirm your property lines in advance. 

In order to build a fence on a boundary line, you need to confirm your property lines to ensure you don’t build over them. Your fence contractor can do this, but the consultation and estimation process will go more smoothly if you do this prior to our first visit. You can find this information online through your local assessor’s public records. 

Locate utility lines, plumbing, and other obstructions.

Building a fence over utility lines, plumbing, or obstructions like tree roots can be problematic during installation. You need to call in advance to locate these potential obstructions to ensure you can design a fence that won’t interfere with access to them. FloriFence will then use this information to design a fence that is straight, symmetrical, and out of the way of future repairs. 

Sculpt terrain if desired. 

Building a fence on a slope or on rocky terrain can be tricky. If you want to flatten your property near the fence line, do it prior to your initial consultation. This will alter the measurement of your fence, which is why we recommend planning these landscaping services prior to your consultation. However, FloriFence can also design fencing tailored to uneven terrain if you want to preserve the natural landscaping. 

Estimate using corner posts. 

Your FloriFence contractor will help you get the most accurate measurement for your fencing, but you can estimate the cost by using string and wooden posts staked at the corners of your yard boundaries. Tie a long piece of yarn or string from one corner to the other to estimate the length of each boundary line. This is much more accurate than measuring from the ground and can help you budget for your future fence. 

FloriFence will help you design the ideal fence for your property that is both beautiful and affordable. For more information on how to prepare for your onsite consultation, give us a call today!

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