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Tips for Installing Vinyl Fencing For Your Front Yard

Vinyl fencing has become one of the most popular fence options in Florida suburban areas. It is easy to maintain, offers a clean and sophisticated look, and can be fully customized to match your home’s style. However, vinyl fencing becomes more tricky to design when being built in the front yard. 

Front yard fencing is generally more difficult to design because it must match the home’s front entrance and provide security without obstructing the view. If you want your vinyl fencing to serve your property in all aspects, remember these four tips for the front yard: 

Don’t build too high. 

Fencing in front yards must be built lower so as to not obstruct the view of driveways. A tall fence can also make your home feel more closed off to the neighborhood and ruin your view from the front porch. We recommend no taller than four feet to ensure your fencing does not meet eye level or ruin visibility for your driveway. 

Keep your vinyl clean.

Front yard maintenance also requires more upkeep in order to maintain your home’s curb appeal. Backyard fencing can get away with much less cleaning because it is typically facing other backyards or an alleyway. If you want your front yard fence to look inviting from the street, wash and clean it at least once a year. 

Cover with flowers and shrubbery. 

Vinyl fencing can look a bit unnatural, especially when it is powder coated with a bright white finish. If you want your fencing to stick out less from the lawn, add some colorful flowers or tall shrubbery on the outside facing the road. This will further enhance curb appeal and make your front entrance stand out within the neighborhood. 

Match your home’s colors. 

Vinyl fencing can be powder coated any color you choose, which means you don’t have to stick to a plain white picket style. Match your fence to the home’s exterior with cool grays, creams, and natural wood colors. FloriFence also offers custom gate and fence toppers to take your vinyl customization to the next level. 

FloriFence recommends vinyl installations for all types of residential homes. If you’d like to learn more about how to make vinyl fencing work for your front yard, contact our offices today!

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