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Tips for Installing Metal Fencing For Your Front Yard

Metal fencing is one of the most popular design options for front yards. The classic wrought iron look has been used for centuries and provides security for your home without obstructing its view. However, not every metal fencing will work for your individual property, so it’s important to consult with your FloriFence specialist before deciding on a design. 

Below are four tips to help you build a better front yard fence that will serve your home for years: 

Choose open over opaque metal fencing. 

Open fence designs are preferred for front yard fencing as they provide a better view and don’t obstruct visibility when pulling out of the driveway. They are also more welcoming fence designs and won’t clash if your neighbors don’t have any front yard fencing. We recommend aluminum fencing for most suburban homes because it provides the classic wrought iron look without all of the maintenance. 

Add climbing vines and flowers. 

If you like the look of metal but don’t want your fence to look too industrial, try adding some climbing vines or shrubbery to your front yard fence. This makes the fence look more natural and offers the perfect pace for flowers like honeysuckle and jasmine. PLus, when you add these flowers you’ll have a lovely aroma to greet guests in the springtime. 

Paint and clean your metal fencing often. 

Metal fencing does not look good if it is faded, rusting, or unclean. Luckily, aluminum fencing is resistant to rust and weather damage, but will still need annual cleaning and a trim of foliage around the posts to ensure it looks its best. 

Maintain a manicured lawn. 

Metal fencing creates a more sophisticated, stoic look for residential areas than wood fencing does. This makes yard maintenance especially important if you choose a metal fence for your front yard. You don’t want your fence to upstage your greenery. If you are diligent about yard upkeep, you can make your house the prettiest on the block with an aluminum fence. 

FloriFence offers a variety of metal fencing options for both the front and backyard. If you’d like to see some of our collections or schedule a consultation for your next fence project, give us a call today!

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