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Tips for Installing Chain Link Fencing For Your Front Yard

Front yard fencing is much less common in suburban areas, but it offers a lot of utility for your home. Front yard fencing is ideal for pet owners to add more outdoor space to play in, and can create an added buffer of security against animals, intruders, and accidents on the road. However, in order to make your front yard fence look right, you need to follow some rules. 

Chain link is somewhat difficult to pull off in a front yard, but with these four tips, you can make this affordable fence design look great:

Paint your chain link. 

Chain link can look cheap if it is not maintained well. The standard chain link is a bare wire material, but it can be painted black or a color to match your home’s exterior in order to jazz it up and preserve an even finish. We recommend painting your chain link upon installation and touching up with spray paint every few years to keep it looking good as new. 

Build lower if possible.

Most chain link is built between four and six feet, but we recommend going lower for the front yard if possible. You want it to stand below eye level to ensure it does not block the view of your front yard or cause problems when backing out of your driveway. 

Leave an open entrance. 

If your front yard fencing is for garden or aesthetic purposes only, we recommend leaving an entrance open rather than building a gate to add a bit of open space to your front yard. Chain link can easily keep a garden contained, but by leaving the front of the yard open, you offer a better view from your front entrance than you would have if the yard is completely enclosed. 

Keep your fence trimmed. 

Chain link fencing often looks unkempt because climbing vines and grasses start to grow and intertwine within it. Soon, the fence begins to lean or sag and the foliage looks wild. To prevent this from happening to your front yard, keep the greenery around your fence trimmed and tidy. 

Chain link fencing is a simple and affordable fencing design option for both the front and back yard. To learn more about chain link and other fencing options, contact the FloriFence office today!

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