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Tips for Getting into a Construction Career

The construction field makes big promises to those who enter it. Most believe they’ll be the ones to own their own business or make six figures from their construction teams, but this isn’t the reality for everyone who works in the industry. It takes years of hard work, skill, and a stellar reputation to become highly successful in construction. And yet, it’s still very possible. 

If you want to make a construction career worthwhile, here’s what you need to know when you’re first starting out: 

Be humble (and patient).

The trades are all about humility, especially when you’re first starting out. It takes years to become highly skilled in just one area of construction, and even longer to build a successful enough career to go solo with your own business. By practicing humility and soaking up as much knowledge as you can from your mentors, you’ll do much better than those in the field who are solely concerned about money. 

Show you’re passionate.

Construction jobs aren’t just jobs. They’re skilled crafts, and if you put in the effort and show you’re passionate, those before you will help you thrive. Passion will shine through not just in your work, but will help you find loyal customers and stellar mentors who want to help you succeed. 

Take entry-level and odd jobs. 

Because most construction and trade jobs don’t require formal education, you’ll learn what you need to know from working. Even if the job doesn’t pay incredibly when you’re beginning the more work you can take the faster you’ll learn. This can help you build your resume and get higher-paying jobs faster. 

FloriFence is always looking for hard-working, enthusiastic team members to join our installation crews. If interested, contact our offices to learn about open positions in the Tampa area.

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