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Tips for Getting a Job Out of High School

Create a good resume

Your resume is not just a list of skills and experience, but an introduction to yourself as a professional. In high school, you may not have a lot of job experience, but you can list educational achievements as well as unpaid experience such as leadership positions in extracurriculars. And, don’t be afraid to ask a parent, mentor, or teacher for help to polish your resume before submitting it. 

Take experience into consideration, not just salary. 

While the money you make is important out of high school, it is not as important as getting good job experience in an industry you’re interested in. You’ll have years to upgrade your salary, but only a short period of time in life where you’ll be able to experiment without the burdens of a family, mortgage, and other responsibilities that require financial stability. If you find a job that sounds exciting but that doesn’t pay as well, it may be wise to take it now while you can afford to. 

Face rejection with confidence. 

Many high school seniors are terrified that they won’t get a job within a month after graduation, but this is a common experience, not the rare one. You’ll likely experience several rejections after interviews before you land your first job, so don’t be scared to take it slow and wait for the right opportunity to come your way. 

Be open to opportunity

You never know what opportunity may come to you out of high school. Even if you’re unsure of what you want to do next, don’t be afraid to say “yes” to jobs if they intrigue you. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out your long-term career goals, but after high school the most important thing to gain is experience. 

FloriFence is always looking for crew members, customer service specialists, and other team members in the Tampa area. If you’re interested, contact our offices to find out about open positions. 

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