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Tips for Fall Pool & Pool Fence Maintenance 

As the summer comes to a close and school is back in session, it’s likely you’ll be using less of your pool in the coming months. This means it’s time to focus less on enjoying, and more on maintaining your beautiful backyard swimming area. Even though most Floridians don’t experience much autumnal leaf falling or changing of colors, it’s still important to keep your pool clean and algae-free in the cold months. It’s also equally important to maintain your pool fence so it’s ready for action when spring arrives. 

Cover your pool early 

Once the kids are back in school or you’re sure you won’t be swimming any time soon, it’s worthwhile to bring out the pool cover. This will lower your maintenance needs tremendously and keep the acorns and fall leaves out of your pool. It can also keep rainwater out of your pool, which can change the pH levels and dilute the chlorine concentration in the water.

Clean, repaint, or restain your fence

Your pool fence could also use some TLC in the fall. Now is the time to repaint or restrain, as you won’t be experiencing as many afternoon showers as you do in the summer. You can take advantage of the cooler weather and get most of your fence maintenance out of the way for the year. This will ensure your pool fencing looks great into the spring. 

Lower the chlorine content

Pools that aren’t in use don’t need as much chlorine, so it’s typically safe to lower your chlorine content in the fall. Be sure to monitor the levels, especially while your pool is uncovered. You still need chlorine to fight bacteria and algae in the pool, but it doesn’t need to be heavily concentrated as when you use it every weekend. 

Lubricate hinges

Just as your pool won’t be in use as much, your fence won’t be either. Be sure to lubricate the hinges in the fall so they don’t become stuck through the colder winter months. This will ensure that when you’re ready to use it again, your fence will be ready and well-taken care of. 

If you have more questions about how to care for your fencing in the fall, contact us today! You can also visit our resource center for more fall maintenance tips and backyard ideas. 

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