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Tips for Creating A Sound Barrier With Your Fence

If you grew up in a quiet house it can be difficult getting used to a noisy suburban location. Cars rattling, dogs barking, construction noises, and neighbors can all contribute to a restless night or anxiety-provoking day due to noise. Your home is supposed to be a place for comfort, but excessive noise makes it more difficult to relax. 

If you can’t stop the noise, you may have to find ways to dull it. A sound barrier fence is a great way to reduce noise disruptions while adding curb appeal to your home. However, not every sound barrier fence is built the same. To get the greatest effectiveness from your fence, follow these tips:

Eliminate unnecessary noise.

If noise is coming from inside your property, you may need to address it before building a sound barrier fence. Eliminate distractions that cause your dogs to bark, and build smaller barrier fences around your HVAC units that cause noise. This can greatly reduce distractions in the home and make for a more peaceful setting. 

Bolster your home and garden’s defenses.

Noise is naturally dampened by trees, bushes, and your home’s walls, which can help you reduce noise even before you build a fence. If you’ve always wanted a home garden, consider planting hedges or tall trees near roads to reduce noise even more. You can also help prevent noise in the home by sealing doors and windows. 

Choose the right material and design. 

When you’re ready to build your sound barrier fence, it’s important to choose the right materials for the job. We recommend wood, vinyl, or solid galvanized steel to create a cohesive barrier for sound. Any spaces between boards or openings in gates will let the noise pass through the barrier, so we recommend a solid fence design near roads or areas where noise is more noticeable. 

Build a front and back yard fence. 

Many homeowners opt to only fence in the backyard for aesthetic purposes, but a front yard fence can help reduce noise from roads and passersby in the neighborhood. If you’re not comfortable with a solid fence for your front yard, consider building a lattice wood fence and growing vines on it to create a more solid and aesthetically pleasing sound barrier. 

All of these tips can help you reduce noise inside the home and make it a peaceful place to relax and enjoy. If you’re ready to start building your barrier fence, contact us today!

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