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Tips for Combining Wood and Chain Link Fencing

Wood and chain link fencing are our two most popular options for affordable fencing. Wood is often used in suburban areas to fence in backyards, while chain link is a popular option for commercial properties where a lot of ground needs to be covered for an affordable price. However, each of these has its own issues that property owners must battle in order to maintain their fencing. 

Chain link is highly durable, but can look cheaper as it begins to age. Wood, while providing a beautiful aesthetic appeal in its first few years, will become harder to maintain due to its susceptibility to water and pest damage. If you’re looking for a fencing option that mitigates these issues, consider combining wood and chain link or wire fencing for a truly unique style. 

Using a wooden frame on chain link can make a simplistic fence look more defined and elegant, while minimizing the wood that will need to be maintained for years to come. This look is becoming more popular for farmhouse style homes, and can be useful for a variety of applications from dog runs and chicken coops ro industrial fencing and more. 

If you want to combine chain link fencing with a wooden frame, here’s what you need to keep in mind: 

  • Choose the right wood type – A pest-resistant type such as cedar or pressure treated pine is optimal.
  • Seal or paint your wood – In order to minimize maintenance and ensure the wood lasts as long as the chain link, prevent water damage with waterproof paint or sealant. 
  • Paint your chain link – This style looks especially sleek with black chain link. It makes the wood stand out and will prevent the aged look of rust. 
  • Use decorative elements to add elegance to your fence – A decorative topper or stylized gate can enhance this simple fence design into something perfect for the modern suburban home. 

We love the classic look of a wood and chain link fence, and can help you make your stand out with decorative elements unique to your home. To learn more about different fence options for wood, chain link, and other fencing types, contact your local FloriFence today!

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