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Tips for Choosing Safe Security Fencing

Security fencing for homes and businesses comes in many forms. Some property owners are satisfied with a simple privacy fence, while others prefer additional measures such as cameras, alarms, and high-security fencing options to protect their assets and people. 

While most security fencing poses no threat to property owners and inhabitants of a property other fencing options can be dangerous if used improperly. Electric fencing, barbed wire, and other high-security measures may not be suitable for your property if you are not experienced with these types of fences. If you want a highly secure fence without the risks to those who you’re trying to protect, consider these security fencing tips: 

  • Use only what is necessary – When something bad happens, like a break-in or burglary, many homes and business owners feel as if they have to do everything in their power to secure their homes. However, this may not be necessary if the incident is uncharacteristic for your area. Before you invest in every security measure possible for your property, think about it for a while and purchase only what is necessary for your neighborhood. 
  • Check local regulations for security fencing – In residential areas and some business districts you are typically not allowed to have barbed or electric fencing due to safety issues for others around you. Before you invest in a fence like this make sure it is legal where you are planning to install it. 
  • Use other security measures – If you don’t feel that a privacy fence is enough to protect your property, consider investing in cameras or alarms for the fence rather than a  high-security fence option. Many high-security fences will ruin the aesthetic of your property, whereas cameras and alarms are more discreet. 

If you are interested in security fencing for your home or business, contact FloriFence today to learn about all of your options.

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