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Tips for Building A Fence On A Slope

At FloriFence, we believe that good craftsmanship is the foundation of any successful fencing project. That is why we never skip steps or cut corners when designing your home or commercial fence. While building on a slope can be tricky, it can be done right when you hire professionals like FloriFence. 

We can help you build a fence on any surface, whether flat, sloped, or on uneven terrain. Below are some tips for homeowners for planning their fencing project on sloped ground and how to avoid common mistakes during installation: 

Measure accurately

Fencing on a slope or hill comes with unique challenges to ensure your fence posts are spaced evenly and create a seamless look from afar. Your contractor should spend more time measuring the height and space between fence posts on a slope than they would for flat terrain. The one rule to “measure twice, cut once,” will ensure your fencing looks good for years to come. 

Even our rugged terrain

If your fencing is going over an area that is rocky, rugged, or otherwise uneven, you may want to flatten the terrain out a bit before installing your fence. While your FloriFence contractors can make a fence look symmetrical on moderately uneven land, it is much easier and less time-consuming if the ground is only sloped rather than rugged. By smoothing the surface of the land, your fencing will look more uniform. 

Consider stepped fencing

Stepped fencing is ideal for intense inclines where traditional fencing is not practical or aesthetically pleasing. Instead of the rails following the contour of the slope, these fences look like a staircase. Posts are clumped together and stacked to better suit a steep incline. They are ideal for mountainous areas and for manmade slopes. If you have an area like this on your property, you may want to talk to your fencing contractor about stepped fencing as a solution. 

Fencing projects are made simple with FloriFence. We carefully examine your property and offer fencing solutions customized to your needs. We offer a variety of materials, colors, designs, and price points to ensure every customer in the Tampa Bay area is satisfied. To learn more about your fencing options, contact FloriFence today!

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