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Tips for Better Fence Placement

At FloriFence, we love using fence designs as a way to enhance the overall look and appeal of your home or business. A good fence will add contrast to your landscaping, provide a barrier for garden space, and protect your property from unwanted visitors. However, a fence that is ill-planned or not placed right can make your property look worse, not better. 

Below are some tips to ensure your fencing looks its best and adds to your overall landscape design: 

Plan your landscaping in advance. 

Typically, fencing is installed simply around the property boundary, unless trees or obstructions are in the way. However, if you plan to add other hardscape, hedges, or large trees to your property, you need to plan this in advance to design your fence with these elements in mind. You don’t want a crooked spot in your fencing due to last-minute additions to your landscaping, so plan in advance to ensure your fence can be built straight and square. 

Face your fence the right way. 

The correct way to build a fence is to face the “finished” side toward your neighbors and the street, and have the fence posts and rails on the inside of the yard. Unless your yard is on a secluded property or your fencing will face an alley, this is very important. It will make your property look nicer and won’t ruffle your neighbor’s feathers. 

Measure twice, install once. 

Research to find your exact property line before you start building. Your FloriFence contractor can help you locate this information in your local assessor’s public records. Even if you think you know where it is, you could risk having to tear down your fence entirely if it’s even a few inches over the property line. 

Ask the neighbors. 

If you’re trying to determine how to work around landscaping, utility lines, and property boundaries, ask your neighbor about collaborating on your fence project. This way, you can share the cost of shared fence space and determine how to maneuver around trees and hedges best. Even if they don’t want to work on the project with you, a heads up before you start building will be greatly appreciated. 

FloriFence can help you determine the best placement for your next fencing project. To learn more about your options or how to get started, call our offices today!

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