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Three Ways to Spotlight Your Business On Commercial Fencing

If you operate a brick-and-mortar business, you might view commercial fencing as just a means to secure your inventory, tools, or other important assets. However, it is also a blank canvas that you can use to communicate to your customers, vendors, and other people who stop by. Here are some ways we suggest you use the fencing along your business property to communicate on behalf of your business.

  1. Taglines and Logos: Businesses spend a sizeable percentage of their revenue every year on advertising, but many people forget that if their property is in an area with high traffic, their fence may be key real estate to remind passers-by about their offerings. You can place your logo on your fence to prompt people who may be unfamiliar to Google you, or you can select a memorable tagline to go there so people have a phrase they won’t forget in association with your business.
  2. Phone number or website: By placing your phone number, website URL, or social media handles on a fence banner, you give nearby drivers or foot traffic a way to look you up and continue to engage with your business. Many people can easily snap a photo of the fence signage so they can follow up later.
  3. Community sponsorships: If your fence is in a particularly high-traffic area, you can offer community organizations like schools, Scouting troops, Rotary Clubs, United Way, or other civic organizations you are involved with access to hang banners on the fence to promote their activities or events. This is an excellent way for your business to demonstrate your charitable activities, which could drive more customers your way either through referrals from people involved with those organizations or people who have an affinity for them and take note of their placement.

Don’t let the blank space on your fence go to waste. Work with a qualified sign company in your community to produce a banner or other signage to convey what is important to your business, and make sure you check in with FloriFence to keep your fence in top condition with regular maintenance.

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