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Three Ways to Give Your Fence a Summer Makeover

As we enter the hottest month of summer, yard work may be the last thing on your mind. However, it’s not just you that the summer heat takes a toll on. Your backyard fence can suffer from intense heat, rains, and the general severity of the Florida climate in August. If you want to protect it, there are a few simple methods to give your fence a summer makeover and ensure it lasts through to next August.  

Give it a fresh coat of paint. 

Wood and some aluminum fencing will need paint retouches over the years. Paint acts as a sealant to protect against water, dirt, algae, and other contaminants, but it can fade in the summertime due to the long hours of sunlight. If your fence is looking faded or worn, give it a fresh coat of paint this month to revive it before fall.  

Sand, stain, and lubricate.  

Wood fencing will sometimes need more than a paint retouch to fully restore it to its original appearance. If your fence is looking particularly worn, you can sand down old paint and imperfections before adding a fresh stain to make it look good as new. Summertime is also the time to lubricate gate hinges, as they can start to get stiff after the rainy summer.  


Late summer is the perfect time to invest in your backyard ambiance. As the temperatures start to drop in September and October, you’ll want to spend more time outdoors. By accessorizing your fence with lighting, planter boxes, and other decorative elements, you can prepare your backyard for autumn bonfires and barbecues.  

If you’re looking to completely renovate your backyard this summer, talk to FloriFence about options for replacing your old fence with something new and modern. We offer a variety of residential fence options that can suit any home’s style and growing needs. To learn more about styles and pricing, contact our offices today! 

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