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Three Types of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is one of our best-selling fence options for residential areas. It has the classic look of wood fencing but offers unique characteristics that other fencing options simply cannot provide. Because it is made from high-quality plastic, vinyl fencing is waterproof and will last for several decades with minimal care. Plus, vinyl can be powder coated rather than painted which improves color retention over time. 

When choosing your vinyl fence design, it’s important to discuss all of your options with your FloriFence contractor beforehand. Below are the three most common vinyl fence designs, with the pros and cons of each to consider: 

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing is the most common form of vinyl fencing, as it provides an excellent barrier to visibility with minimal maintenance. Homeowners often opt for vinyl over wood for privacy fencing because it will last longer with lower maintenance costs. However, fully opaque vinyl privacy fencing is more expensive than wood, metal, or other fence types. 

Semi-private fencing

Semi-private fencing, where small gaps are present in the posts of a tall fence, can be ideal for vinyl and somewhat lower the costs. This allows for more airflow as well, which is important for Florida homes in the peak of summertime. Semi-private fencing is often used for pool fencing where gaps are limited to four inches in width. 

Picket fencing

Picket fencing offers the least amount of privacy, but the greatest amount of style for your home. Vinyl is popular for front yard picket fencing because it is much less likely to chip and crack, which offers a better appearance for fencing close to the street. Picket fencing can be straight or sloped to create a unique boundary that is child- and pet-friendly. 

FloriFence offers a wide range of vinyl fence designs, from slick white fencing to deeply saturated colors and even natural wood-like finishes. With a variety of gates and toppers to further customize your design, we can guarantee you’ll find the fence you love with us. 

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