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Three Types of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is an often overlooked type of fencing that is incredibly practical for both commercial and residential design. This simple, affordable fencing type is easy to install and can be customized to suit your property needs and aesthetic preferences. Many people don’t realize that there are a variety of chain link options other than the simple wire design. 

Below are the three most popular types of chain link fencing, and why we believe these are great additions to any home or business: 

Galvanized Chain Link

Galvanized fencing is the most common type of chain link used in backyards and commercial properties. Because chain link is made entirely of metal, it is prone to rusting without some sort of protective finish. This also typically makes the fencing more attractive and lasts longer with minimal maintenance. 

PVC Coated Chain Link

You can also coat chain link with PVC or a polymer coating, which protects it fully from rust and water damage. This coating option allows you to customize the color of your chain link as well. While this type of chain link is more expensive than galvanized steel, it is often considered more aesthetically pleasing, and therefore incredibly popular in residential areas. 

Slatted Chain Link

One of the only drawbacks to chain link is its lack of privacy. While this is ideal for areas where you need visibility, many homeowners want something with more coverage for their backyards. Slatted chain link is the solution to this, providing more coverage at an affordable price. The slats are placed within the chain link lattice to offer some privacy without completely obstructing the view. Slatted chain link is also ideal for pets because it obscures their view of the road and is more difficult to climb. 

If you are considering chain link fencing for your next project, come visit the FloriFence showroom today for more information! We offer a variety of chain link and other metal fencing designs that can suit any residential or commercial style. 

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