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Three Things to NEVER DO To Your Chain Link Fence

Many home and business owners choose chain link because of its simplicity. It is practical, affordable, and requires very little maintenance. However, a responsible chain link fence owner still needs to be aware of some do’s and don’ts for maintaining their fence. Below are # things you should never do to your chain link if you want it to last for years: 

Don’t let vines or foliage grow around your chain link.

Chain link is made of steel, which is prone to rust. While this fencing style is designed to be water-resistant (it’s very difficult for water to collect on chain link), it can become rusty of vine or plants start growing around it. The plants will retain moisture which in turn will cause your chain link to rust. To prevent this, trim all plants and vines around your fence on a regular basis. 

Don’t let hinges get rusty

You may not be too concerned if your chain link ages, but a rusting hinge on a gate is a major issue. It will impede your ability to get in and out easily and can even be dangerous to those who use it. Keep your hinges oiled and make sure to look out for signs of rusting around hinges and gates on your chain link fence. 

Don’t let nails or screws come loose

Many property owners have a tendency to forget maintenance on their chain link because it seems so simple to maintain. However, if you let nails or screws come loose, you’ll be putting your fence at risk during a storm or if pressure is put on it directly. If the nails become rusty, you’re also putting people at risk. Be sure to regularly inspect your chain link fence to ensure it looks and functions its best. 

If you follow these tips, there is no reason your chain link fencing won’t last for decades. To learn more about chain link fence maintenance, contact your FloriFence professionals today!

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