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Three Shrubs You Can Plant Along the Fenceline 

Hedges are a common replacement for fencing in suburban areas. They are more natural in appearance and can give your home a softer, more inviting appearance from the outside. However, hedges are not ideal for securing your property or keeping children and pets safe. While shrubs may deter some intruders from entering your property, they are in no way a true security measure for your home. 

If you like the look of hedges but want a real fence to keep your home safe, you can grow these shrubs to aesthetically enhance your fenceline: 


Beautyberries are a very popular shrub in Florida that have beautiful, edible berries in the spring and summer. They grow tall and are therefore a perfect cover for your fence from the outside. Plus, because they are so common in the area, no one will guess that you’re hiding a fence with these shrubs in your yard. 


Jasmine is a very popular shrub option for Florid residents because of its intoxicating fragrance. It will bloom once a year in the spring and can be grown either as a climbing vine (star jasmine) or in a shrub form (crepe jasmine). Either option gives you plenty of greenery to partially or fully cover your fence. However, if you choose star jasmine be diligent about pruning to ensure the vines don’t weigh down your fence and cause it to sag. 


Ixora is known for its showy clusters of colorful blooms in the spring and summer. Though the flowers won’t last more than a few months, the shrubs make a great ground cover and can naturally hide shorter fences. These shrubs love full sun and can be planted as a hedge or dispersed throughout the yard for fun pops of color in the warmer months. 

FloriFence can help you determine which plants and shrubs are safe to grow along the fenceline, depending on the size and style of your installation. For more information, visit our blog or contact our offices today!

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