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Three Reasons to Go to a Fence Specialist for Installation

Fencing can change the entire character of your backyard. It is a significant investment in most cases and will determine whether your home has curb appeal or goes unnoticed on the block. Therefore, it is not a product or service you should cut corners on purchasing. 

When choosing a fence contractor, we always believe a specialist is the best option for homeowners. Most major home improvement stores will offer fence installation if you purchase your materials with them. However, most of these big box stores don’t have a specialized fencing department. And, even if they do, you won’t get the same quality of fence installation as you would if you chose someone who specialized in fencing alone. 

Below are the top three reasons why going to a specialist like FloriFence is always the best option: 

Specialists have better fencing options.

Because a home improvement store doesn’t specialize in fencing, they will only carry what’s most popular or easiest to sell in your area. A Fence specialist, however, is more likely to have a wide selection of fence materials and designs available for you to choose from. FloriFence offers dozens of different fence options in aluminum, vinyl, wood, chain link, and more to ensure you don’t have to settle on your fence design. 

Specialists can customize your fence. 

A fencing specialist will be able to customize your fence in ways a generic retailer will not. For example, they may be able to custom build a fence topper or add a powder coating to your fence to give it a unique and long-lasting color. 

You can ask your installers for a service guarantee. 

Many home improvement stores offer installation services, but they won’t always offer a service guarantee. Or, if they do, you won’t be guaranteed to get the same installation team out to your home if you need repairs or have questions. When you work with a local fence specialist, you know you’ll be working with the same people every time. 

FloriFence offers homeowners a great selection, customization options, and a one-year service guarantee for all installations. If you’re looking for a fence contractor that goes above and beyond for their customers, look no further than FloriFence!

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