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Three Reasons to Choose a Specialist Over a Handyman for Fence Installation

Most of us have a handyman we call for home improvement services. They provide anything from painting to plumbing repair, and may even offer installation services for things like tile and drywall. Some handyman services even offer fence installation, which may sound like a bargain compared to hiring a specialist. However, this is often not the best choice for homeowners, especially if they are installing certain types of fences. 

If you’re debating whether to call your handyman or a fencing specialist for your home fence project, here are some things to consider: 

A handyman won’t help you design your fence. 

A handyman can likely install basic fences, such as wood or chain link. However, they will likely be purchasing materials from the local home improvement store and installing them as is. They won’t be able to design custom toppers, gates, or other aesthetic features, which is what you’ll get with a professional service. 

A handyman doesn’t offer services like powder coating or automatic gate installation.

Because a handyman isn’t a fence specialist, they won’t have all of the equipment or the skillset to offer custom fence options such as powder coating or automatic gate installation. These types of fences require special equipment and know-how. If you don’t go to a specialist, you’ll be limited in what fence customizations you can choose. 

A handyman doesn’t always offer a service guarantee for installations. 

Most handyman services primarily specialize in repair, not installation. They may not always offer a service guarantee on things like fence installation, because these services are not their forte. However, if you choose a specialist, they will likely offer a service guarantee because they are confident in their work. 

FloriFence offers custom fence design, expert installation, and a one-year service guarantee on all services. If you’re interested in designing a custom fence for your home, give us a call today!

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