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Three Ornamental Fencing Ideas

There are few things more stylish in the fencing world than ornamental fencing for homes and businesses. Whether you want to decorate your storefront or add some curb appeal to your home, a traditional ornamental fence will work wonders for your property’s aesthetic value. Plus, ornamental fences still offer some practical value including keeping small pets on the property and deterring intruders from climbing over. 

If you are interested in adding an inexpensive ornamental fence to your property, here’s what we recommend: 

Decorative aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing has the classic look of wrought iron but is less expensive, more durable, and more practical than its counterpart. Aluminum is lightweight and water-resistant which makes it ideal for surrounding homes, pools, and business storefronts. Plus, the regal appearance of aluminum will make your property stand out from the street. 

Picket fencing

The white picket fence is a stable of suburban American fencing. This classic design has been around since the 1800s and is still in style because of its classic charm. Picket fencing is typically lower than traditional fencing, which makes it often more affordable and more suitable for front yard applications. A low-cost, highly fashionable choice — picket fencing is perfect for most homes. 

Lattice fencing

If you are looking for a traditional design but want something more decorative than picket fencing, a lattice might be the right design for you. This ornamental fencing option is ideal for garden fencing, front yard fencing, or even as privacy fencing if you introduce greenery to the structure. Lattice fencing has a sophisticated look and will add instant curb appeal to your home. 

FloriFence offers these ornamental fencing options and more for affordable prices. If you are interested in learning more about fencing options for Florida homes and businesses, contact us today!

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