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Three Must-Have Pieces of Outdoor Furniture for Your Poolside

One of the most common backyard features in a Florida home is a pool. Because we are blessed with a nearly endless summer, many families would rather spend their weekends swimming in the backyard rather than planning a vacation or traveling to the beach. However, a backyard pool isn’t quite complete without an entertainment space to make it relaxing for both kids and adults. 

If you want to revamp your poolside entertainment area, add these three pieces of furniture to create the ultimate safe haven in the backyard: 

Chairs for sunbathing

A backyard pool can still be enjoyed even if you don’t want to spend your entire time in the water. Invest in a couple of quality beach chairs so you can sit back, relax, and get a natural tan from your backyard. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen! 

A waterproof sectional 

While you may spend a good bit of time tanning and swimming, you’ll also want a place to break for lunch. A waterproof sectional or comfortable chair can make it easier for you to spend the entire afternoon outside without tracking water and dirt into the house. Add a coffee table next to your couch for the ultimate poolside experience. 

Large storage container

Pool toys and accessories can create endless fun for kids and adults alike, but they are easily lost and can be less than aesthetically appealing when left out on the patio. Create a safe place for your pool accessories by adding a large storage container to your patio. This can also double as your table, or you can purchase a couch with storage for a similar effect.

Once you’ve added these pieces of furniture, the only other element your poolside need is a fence to keep it safe. Fencing is required for all residential and commercial properties to keep them safe, so talk to your FloriFence contractor about poolside options that will last. We specialize in both residential and commercial pool fencing and can help you find the right design for your style and practical needs.

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