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Three Low-Cost Fencing Ideas for Florida Homeowners

Florida landscapes are some of the most lush and beautiful throughout the country. We are blessed with a beautiful climate throughout the year and plenty of native flora that can easily grow in beachfront yards and neighborhoods. However, because so many Florida homeowners invest in their landscaping, they often have trouble finding fencing that can show off their lawns and keep costs to a minimum. 

Below are three different ways you can fence in your Florida lawn without spending too much or hiding your landscaping from the neighborhood. If you’re interested in any of these fencing options, contact FloriFence for a consultation. 

Low vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing is our go-to for homeowners for many reasons. This plastic material is durable and waterproof, making it ideal for Florida’s rainy season. However, it can get pricey when covering an entire property. To help lower costs for homeowners, we recommend a low or picket-style vinyl fence. This allows you to show off your lawn to neighbors while offering some privacy and safety for children and pets. A four-foot vinyl fence is often a happy medium in terms of both cost and style. 

Wooden privacy fencing 

Wood fences are typically more affordable than vinyl for full-size privacy fencing. While they do not last as long (between 10-20 years as opposed to the lifetime value of vinyl), they exhibit natural beauty that many homeowners love. Wood is also easy to install and can be set up in a matter of days when you book with FloriFence. 

Chain link

Chain link is the most affordable fence option available at FloriFence. This practical and wind-resistant option is great for pet owners and those who want to provide security for their homes while also offering a subtle garden view. Chain link can be great for growing garden vines, but be careful to not let your landscaping get overgrown, or it may weaken the chain-link structure. Otherwise, chain link is a great option for families looking to build a quick, affordable fence in their backyards. 

FloriFence offers these options and more for price-conscious homeowners in the Tampa area. To learn more about our options and services, contact FloriFence today. 

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