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Three Expensive Fencing Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Fencing is a permanent change to your landscape. In many ways, it can improve the curb appeal and value of your property, but if you rush through the design process, you could make some expensive mistakes. Not accounting for all factors – including weather, fence purpose, or permit requirements – could cost you thousands of dollars in redesigning later down the road. 

If you want a fence that lasts, talk to your FloriFence contractor about these issues during your initial consultation:

Choosing a fence out of your HOA guidelines. 

Homeowners associations often have strict rules on what can and cannot be built within the neighborhood. If your fence does not meet their standards, you may be asked to tear it down and rebuild. FloriFence needs these guidelines prior to building your fence to ensure we can create something beautiful that won’t cause you trouble. 

Not accounting for tide and weather conditions.

In Florida, weather and tides for waterfront properties are a major factor to consider when building a fence. If you build too close to the water you could be interfering with the environment or have a fence that is in danger of being underwater. We often recommend terraforming the hand to create a seawall in these instances, or fencing off your property well above the tidal line. Your fence should also be selected to withstand wind and rain so that the hurricane season does not prematurely age your fence. 

Choosing a fence your pets can escape. 

If you have dogs you want to keep within the bounds of the fence, be sure to choose a material they cannot easily climb over or dig under. You know your pet best. If they are a known escape artist, communicate this to your FloriFence contractor so they can help prevent issues rather than trying to fix them later. 

Any one of these fencing mistakes could result in rebuilding years down the line, rather than decades. Talk to your FloriFence contractor in-depth about your needs before choosing the fence that’s right for you. For questions, give us a call today!

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