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Three Decorative Topper Designs for Your Fence

Many customers choose us over other fence contractors because of our nearly unlimited inventory of fence styles and customization options. With custom fence toppers, powder coating, and gate options, you can find something completely unique at FloriFence’s showroom. However, with so many options, some customers have no idea where to begin.  

If you want a custom fence topper but aren’t sure where to start, try one of these three ideas depending on your home’s style and your personal preferences: 

Lattice Toppers 

Wood lattice toppers are highly popular for wood fencing, as they add a unique decorative flair to an otherwise plain fence. Lattice designs can be made square or diamond-shaped, and are ideal for garden fencing. They add some level of privacy without completely obstructing the view.  

Composite Fence Toppers 

Composite material is often used for the decorative toppers you see with intricate designs. Composite material is very easy to cut and shape, which means it can be customized nearly infinitely. This is ideal for pool fencing or residential fencing. If you are looking for a specific design, talk to your contractor about customized toppers made of wood or wood composite.   

Corrugated Metal Fence Topper 

Metal toppers can also be used to create a unique rustic look for your fence. This can also provide additional privacy screening to your fence, as long as it is not currently above the height threshold for your area.  

If you’re ready to begin on your next fence customization project, contact FloriFence today to learn more about our options and prices! 

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