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Three Decorative Gate Options for Your Fence

Gate and fence toppers are very popular for both residential and commercial fencing. A topper can help your gate stand out from the crowd, and adds up to a foot to a shorter fence to improve the privacy features of your fence. While toppers are easy to find, a gate topper that matches the style and functionality you’re looking for can be tricky.  

If you are looking for a unique topper for your fence, consider one of these three tried and true styles:  


Arbors are common gate toppers as they mark the entrance visually and look natural with wood fences. Arbors are also a great place to add climbing vines. A delicate vine of star jasmine or honeysuckle will add wonders to your backyard garden and are easy to grow in Florida’s climate.  

Gate arches 

Rather than adding a gate topper, you can install a gate with a built-in decorative element such as an arch. These are common for double-door gates and metal fencing, as it adds a sophisticated and historic appearance to your fence. An arched gate can also make it easier to spot the entrance from a distance.  

Lattice toppers 

Lattice toppers are common for both fences and gates, and can be easily installed on existing wood fences. If you add a lattice topper to your fence, you can match the gate topper or make the gate element slightly more decorative to mark it visually.  

If you are interested in adding to an existing gate or replacing yours with a more decorative one, contact FloriFence today! We offer customized and automatic gate options for every home or business fence.  

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