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Three Cute Front Yard Themes

Your front yard is the primary source of curb appeal for your home. It makes the first impression on guests and sets the tone before you ever enter your home. Therefore, it’s important to make an effort to create an inviting front yard space that tells the rest of the neighborhood a little about your personality and style. 

If you’re struggling to elevate your front yard space, consider designing it based on a theme. This can help create cohesiveness for your front yard and make the transition from your outdoor to indoor design seamless. Below are three of the simplest front yard themes you can incorporate today to make your yard stand out on the block: 

Cottage Theme

If you have a smaller single-story, it is easy to make your front yard look like a cute cottage with a few simple changes. Adding some window planter boxes and a welcome sign on the front porch will make your home look like it came out of the movies. You can clean up the hedges and add a bird bath or swing to complete the look. 

Beach/Lakeside Theme

Beach themes are popular in Florida because most of us live within an hour of the beach. This theme can be laid back or upscale depending on the type of furniture you choose. You can incorporate beach themes into the colors you use for your landscaping and outdoor furniture as well. Painting your fence and other exterior elements blues and greens can create a subtle beachy or lakeside theme that sets the tone for your entire decor. 

Magic/Whimsical Theme

Are you in love with a particular fantasy book or movie series? Perhaps your kids love dressing up and playing pretend in the front yard with the flowers and butterflies surrounding them on summer days. If so, don’t be afraid to embrace a bit of magic in your front yard decor. Adding whimsical outdoor decor and a winding path surrounded by flowers can make your home instantly appear brighter and happier than any other on the block. 

If you’re looking for other yard decorating ideas (including how to shape your fence to your theme), visit our blog for more!

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