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Three Cute Backyard Themes

Most households spend a great bit of time and effort on interior decorating homes. Interior design is a way for you to show off your personality and truly turn your house into a place you can’t wait to come home to. However, not as many people spend time designing their backyards. While we don’t spend as much time in this area of our homes, it is just as important to give this place a little TLC. 

The easiest way to begin decorating your backyard is by creating a theme. By organizing your decor and outdoor furniture around a unified look, you can transform your backyard into an extension of your cozy and loving home. 

Below are three different themes that you can use to start your backyard design project: 

Beach/Lakeside Theme

Beach themes are one of the most common backyard design styles in Florida because many of us have waterfront properties or are close to one body of water or another. Beach themes can be incorporated into the way you landscape, as well as the type of outdoor furniture you choose. If you have a pool, you can dress up this theme even more by creating a tropical oasis around the poolside. 

Garden Theme

If you are an avid gardener, don’t be afraid to transform your backyard into a mini botanical dreamscape. By incorporating elegant furniture, cafe lighting, and a winding pathway that leads past your garden beds, you can make your backyard a truly magical place. 

Literary/Magic Backyard

If you have kids, this is a great theme to incorporate into your backyard. Choose one of your favorite fantasy books or movies and use elements from them to create a themed backyard. If your kids are obsessed with a particular series, create a play area where they can imagine living out their favorite series and have endless moments of joy in the backyard. Whether you build a Hobbit hole or the door to Narnia, you can make magic unfold in your own backyard. 

No matter what theme you decorate your backyard in, it’s important to keep it safe and protected with a quality fence installation. Fencing provides a beautiful backdrop for your backyard and gives you the privacy you need to enjoy your little oasis. If you’re interested in building a new fence or replacing an old one, give the FloriFence office a call today!

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