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Three Creative Painted Fence Ideas

At FloriFence, we love fence customizations. We provide a wide variety of fence materials, as well as custom gates, toppers, and layouts for our customers to get exactly what they want. However, some clients chose to further customize their fences by painting creative designs on them after installation. 

Wooden fences are a great canvas for painting, whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner. Below are three fun ways to paint your fence that can transform your outdoor area into something truly magical. 

Fence Murals

If you have an artistic eye, or a friend who you trust with a blank canvas, consider painting a mural on your fence. Wood fences are perfect for murals because they take paint very well and are typically solid all the way around. Common fence mural themes include florals and nature scenery, but you can get as creative as you want with your fence backdrop.

Ombre paint

Instead of painting specific imagery, simplify your fence design by painting a simple fade from one color to another. This can create a beautiful and unique backdrop for your garden and is easy to do with some artistic skill. Just make sure your color fade is even – you may need to check your work frequently from a distance to ensure it is even all the way across. 

Piano fence posts

For music lovers, try a piano-themed fence post pattern with rows of black and white “keys” across the fence. This look can be fun for the backyard, or for an outdoor music venue or restaurant. Plus, it doesn’t require special painting skills in order to pull off this artistic style. 

If you’re interested in other unique ways to decorate your fence, visit our blog for ideas!

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