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Three Common Problems With Vinyl Fencing And How To Solve Them

Vinyl fencing is one of the most popular choices for FloriFence customers. This durable material is water-resistant, strong, and will retain its color for decades due to our powerful powder coating technology. However, vinyl fencing is not without issues. Below are some of the most common problems our customers face, and how you can avoid them: 

The Problem: My vinyl fence is sagging or leaning in one direction.

The Solution: We see this problem often for customers who had their vinyl fencing initially installed by a less experienced company Often, these contractors don’t set the vinyl deep enough in the ground, or don’t use concrete to secure the fencing. Because of the soil erosion in coastal areas, vinyl fencing will begin to sag if it isn’t properly secured in the ground. Unfortunately, the only solution to this is to replace and reset the areas where the fence is leaning. However, FloriFence offers affordable installation services that will quickly ameliorate this problem. 

The Problem: A hurricane is approaching. Will my vinyl fence survive?

The Solution: In Florida, we experience a summer hurricane season that can be stressful for all homeowners. If you’ve recently installed a vinyl fence you are understandably worried about whether or not it can face hurricane-force winds. Luckily, most vinyl fencing is flexible enough to withstand winds without breaking. Vinyl is also scratch-resistant, which means flying debris will not damage it easily. If your fencing does buckle from winds or fallen trees, however, vinyl is easy to replace and can be rebuilt in a matter of days once other hurricane damages are assessed. 

The Problem: Algae or mold has stained my vinyl.

The Solution: Vinyl won’t easily be damaged by mold or mildew due to its protective layer. This also prevents fading of color, but that doesn’t mean that the protective coating can’t stain. If you notice spots on your vinyl fencing, you can typically clean them off with a sponge and gentle cleaner. If not, you may want to try a vinyl-specific spot cleaner. 

All in all, vinyl is one of the easiest fencing materials to maintain long-term. To learn more about vinyl fencing care, contact the FloriFence office today!

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