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Three Common Problems With Chain Link Fencing And How To Solve Them

One of the reasons many property owners choose chain link is because of its low maintenance needs. Once chain link is installed, all you typically need to do is keep overgrowth under control. However, chain link is not a completely hassle-free fencing option. Below are the three most common fencing problems our customers face, and way you can prevent or fix them: 

The Problem: My fence is leaning to one side

The Solution: This is a common problem for almost all fence types. Typically, when our customers call us for a fencing replacement, it is because a previous contractor installed the fence too shallow in the ground, which causes it to eventually sag. If this happens to your chain link, you’ll have to replace the leaning area and reset the posts deeper in the ground. Luckily, FloriFence offers affordable and quality services that never result in a sagging fence line. 

The Problem: My dog is digging under my chain link fence. 

The Solution: Chain link is easier for pets to dig under because typically the fencing isn’t installed directly underground. Instead, the chain link only touches the ground while the fence posts are set a foot or two underneath. To prevent your dogs from digging under your chain link, you’ll need to pour concrete underneath or install another digging deterrent other than your chain link. 

The Problem: My chain link has been cut or damaged, leaving a hole in the fence.

The Solution: Unfortunately, chain link can be penetrated by intruders or damaged by wildlife, leaving your fence with a gaping hole. This is not only unsightly but can be dangerous if the wire sticks out or is tangled. Chain link is easy to repair and replace, however, so the best solution is to call your FloriFence contractor for a consultation. We can help you choose the right course of action that is most effective and affordable for your fence. 

FloriFence wants to help you maintain your chain link fence for decades. Contact us for any issues you have with your fencing, and we’ll be onsite ASAP to provide you with a consultation and custom solutions. 

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