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Three Common Problems With Aluminum Fencing And How To Solve Them

Aluminum fencing is becoming a very popular choice for both residential and commercial fence projects. This lightweight, stately fence material is ideal for garden trellis or for front entrances. It has a similar appearance to wrought iron, but is not nearly as expensive or difficult to maintain. However, there are still some issues you need to be prepared for in order to preserve the beauty and utility of your aluminum fence. 

Below are the three most common issues our clients face with aluminum fencing, and ways you can easily fix them:

The Problem: My aluminum fence is sagging.

The Solution: Oftentimes, soil erosion or heavy rain can cause aluminum fencing to sag because the soil has shifted. As the fence posts lose their solid foundation, they will lean in one direction. To solve this issue, you can set your aluminum fencing in concrete to keep them upright no matter the soil conditions. 

The Problem: The aluminum has a residue or stain on it.

The Solution: Because fencing is constantly exposed to the elements, it will build up a grimy residue from dirt, mold, algae, and other contaminants. Luckily, because aluminum is rust-proof, you can wash it with a garden hose and a mild detergent or cleaner. You can also scrub off stains or built-up grime with a soft sponge. 

The Problem: The gate feels like it’s rusted when it opens. 

The Solution: Aluminum doesn’t rust, but the hinges can get stiff when dirt and grime build up inside. If this is causing you issues, simply apply a lubricant to the affected hinges. This usually solves the problem, but if you believe the gate hinge may be jammed or damaged, you can always call the FloriFence team for an onsite consultation. 

FloriFence takes special care to ensure your aluminum fence installation is of the highest quality. If you’re experiencing issues with your fence, contact us today for a consultation and personalized solution. 

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