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Three Budgeting Tips for Installing a New Fence

Fencing is one of the best ways to add value to your home. The right fence can enhance curb appeal, make your property safer, and deter intruders and wildlife from making unwelcome visits to your property. However, depending on the style of your fence and the size of the property, they can become expensive home improvement projects. 

If you want to invest in a high-quality fence but aren’t sure if it’s in your budget, use these tips to start saving now: 

Start saving early. 

You would be surprised how fast you can save for a new fence installation just by putting a hundred dollars a month into savings. By planning several months in advance, you can install the fence you want, not the fence you are able to afford on the spur of the moment. FloriFence also offers financing options if you need help paying for the high-quality fence you really want. 

Prevent mistakes. 

What makes a fence installation the most expensive is making mistakes in the beginning. Choosing the wrong material for your property, not protecting your fence with proper sealants, or choosing an inexperienced contractor can all lead to premature fence repairs and replacements. If you spend the time and money the first time, your fence will last you decades with minimal maintenance. 

Book in the winter. 

Typically, our busy season is in the summer when people are moving and planning home improvement projects. This is also the time when material costs go up due to demand, so we cannot offer the same discounts as we can in the winter. If you can hold off your fence project, wait until the wintertime when the best deals and discounts are available. 

FloriFence strives to offer affordable pricing and financing options that make it easy for you to get the fence you want. However, if you have questions about pricing or want to receive a more accurate estimate for your fence installation, give us a call today for more details. 

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