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Three Areas of Your Business That Need Fencing

At FloriFence we specialize in commercial fencing for Tampa and Clearwater businesses. We work with clients both big and small to ensure their properties are secure 24/7 and that their fencing adds to curb apparel rather than taking away from it. While not every commercial property utilizes fencing for security, we believe it can help reduce break-ins and create a safer place for customers to visit. 

If you are looking into building a fence for your building, consider fencing in these three areas of your property:

Parking lots

Securing your parking lot helps protect employees and customers during late-night hours, and can help you easily secure the entire property at closing. Typically, we recommend chain link for parking lot fencing because it is affordable for larger areas and can be installed over uneven terrain (for gravel parking areas). 

Outdoor showrooms or seating areas

If you own a car or boat dealership, a restaurant with outdoor seating, or any other type of business where assets are stored outside, you need to fence in your commercial space. This helps to keep your property safe from burglars and vandals. Again, chain link is ideal for fencing that can be opened with a sliding gate; however, aluminum and vinyl fencing can also be used for a more permanent fencing solution. 

Warehouses and storage facilities

Any storage facility should be fenced in to protect your assets and ensure vandalism doesn’t occur when the property is vacant. Chain link is often used as warehouses do not need the added aesthetic value of fencing. However, vinyl and wood can also provide enhanced privacy or a sound barrier for worksites.  

Choosing the right commercial fencing can be tough, but you don’t have to decide on your own. Contact FloriFence today to learn more about fencing options that will suit your business best!

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